Catholic Schools

Education has been one of the fundamental ways our Church has served the Chicago-area community for more than one hundred years. Our schools have educated and formed generations of Catholic children in our faith. Children of all faiths and socioeconomic conditions have received the best of educations in our Catholic schools. Catholic school alumni are everywhere, making wonderful contributions in the Chicago area and beyond.

Strategic Plan

The overall strategic goal of the plan is to increase Catholic school enrollment and provide every student desiring Catholic education with excellent academics and strong faith formation in an economically sustainable way.

I am grateful to the Archdiocesan School Board who, with the cooperation of the Archdiocesan Superintendent of Schools, Sr. M. Paul McCaughey, O.P., worked long and hard on this strategic plan.

- Cardinal Francis George


Scholarship Fund Overview

Scholarship Fund Objectives

  • To make Catholic elementary and secondary school education more available to families who desire it for their children, but who cannot afford it.
  • To make the Chicago area Catholic school system more sustainable economically by enabling increased enrollment.


Reflections - Catholic Schools

Watch and listen to individuals speaking about the benefits of Catholic schools.

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