Faith Formation

"Next Generation" Programs

While we work to strengthen our current programs, we also recognize the need to bring our religious education and adult formation programs into the next generation:

  • More than 50 percent of our children are not receiving any formal education in their Catholic faith, a result of the low faith practice of their parents.
  • Forty-nine percent of adult Catholics report that they "cannot explain their faith to others." NCR study, September 2005
  • Parishes consistently define catechesis as one of their top priorities.

We recognize these challenges and want to develop new approaches for educating and forming Catholics in their faith. We will do research to discover the best ways to assist parents and others to understand the formation needs of those to whom they are passing on the faith. Advances in technology and communications have opened up new possibilities for educating our Catholic families. Technology continues to offer creative ways to teach the faith to our young people. We need to make good use of these means to share and teach the faith.

Campaign Goals For Religious Education Programs

The campaign seeks funds to:

  • Achieve certification of existing Directors of Religious Education (DRE), Coordinators of Religious Education (CRE), Coordinators of Youth Ministry (CYM), and school principals via scholarships for certificate studies.
  • Provide scholarships for people interested in pursuing advanced studies to become catechetical leaders in parish faith communities.
  • Provide funding for parishes and clusters of parishes for faith formation programs. Parishes will be encouraged to identify the educational and faith formation priorities that will best meet the needs of their people. Parishes will be able to apply for direct financial assistance from this fund.