Introducing The Phoenix Scholarships

The Phoenix Scholarships

Scholarships available through the Catholic Education Scholarship Trust now have a name: The Phoenix Scholarships.

Strengthening Catholic education was a key element of To Teach Who Christ Is, with up to $150 million in campaign funds directed to the Catholic Education Scholarship Trust. The Phoenix Scholarships will ensure access to Catholic education for families throughout Cook and Lake counties.

Who is eligible for a Phoenix Scholarship?
Families with children in any school listed in the Official Catholic Directory for the Archdiocese of Chicago who demonstrate financial need and meet certain other criteria established by the Trust Board are eligible for a Phoenix Scholarship. Initially, the Trust Board has elected to prioritize scholarships for families and schools with the greatest need. As the Trust endowment grows, the Trust Board expects that the program will expand to serve as many students as possible while protecting the long-term viability of the endowment.

How does a family apply?
Families should complete and submit the standard FACTS financial aid application from their schools. Verified applications are then sent to the Office of Catholic Schools for administrative processing. The Office of Catholic Schools will send applicants an acknowledgment of its receipt of the application. The Trust Board has created a Scholarship Delegation Committee to review and approve scholarship awards on behalf of the Trust Board. Once a scholarship award decision has been made, applicants will receive a letter from the Office of Catholic Schools notifying them of the award decision and the amount of the scholarship. Awards will be made on a rolling basis.

What does the scholarship cover?
Generally, scholarships may cover up to 50 percent of a student’s tuition with the balance paid by the parents or guardians of the student. The scholarship may be renewable annually based on a continued demonstration of need and meeting certain other criteria.

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