Prayer Cards

Almighty and ever-loving God,
Your Son is the Way, the Truth and the Life.
As his disciples, we follow his way,
Believe his truth, and live his life.
Heavenly Father,
raise up a new generation of disciples
with fervor and eagerness
to teach and proclaim Jesus Christ,
risen from the dead,
the One who tells who we are,
shows us how to love,
and assures our salvation.
Bless this Archdiocesan Campaign
“To Teach Who Christ Is.”
Lord God,
may donors discover in themselves
your gift of a generous and sacrificial spirit
that flows from a love for the Church
and supports her mission
to teach who Christ is.
May the pattern of holiness,
the Virgin Mary, Christ’s mother and ours,
open our hearts anew with the desire
for your will to be done,
through Jesus Christ,
your Son and Our Lord.